About Us


Genchem & Genpharm has focused on the basic chemical technology research and large-scale chemical synthesis, we have laboratories with capacity from gram scale to kilogram scale, pilot workshop with capacity from 10 kilograms to 100 kg scale and several workshops of tonnage level production capacity. Genchem & Genpharm has the ability to supply various materials from grams to tonnage, provides a reliable guarantee to our customers from early clinical development to market.

In order to meet the challenge of different scale and quality of various products in a tight time limit, Genchem & Genpharm is equipped with a large number of modern designed reactors, including filters, centrifuges, dryer and packaging equipment. The single fluid cooling system increases the flexibility and efficiency of the workshop.

Continuous production operation is supported by qualified quality control, quality assurance and R&D team. Kilo lab and pilot base ensure us to become a preferred customers’ cost-effective partner.


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