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Genchem & Genpharm carries out total quality management, especially process management, raw materials procurement process management, product implement process management, nonconforming product management, customer complaints management, service management, covering the range from the suppliers of raw materials selection, audit , the release of raw materials, production process monitoring, the release of the finished product, after-sales service tracking, during various functional departments to participate in building Genchem & Genpharm featuring quality management system.

We are certified implementation of standards ISO9001: 2015, and at the same time, we also stick to the implementation of the ICH-Q7A standard. Our quality management system, includes QA and QC departments, operated independently.

Quality assurance includes a quality audit, quality statistics, and verification management.

Quality audits are to ensure a stable and reliable source of suppliers. For raw materials, semi-finished products, finished batch data between inductive analysis, management retention samples.

Authentication Management - covers verification system (including equipment validation, process validation, analytical methods validation, cleaning validation).

Quality Inspection including physical and chemical analysis, instrumental analysis tests.

Our quality control instrument includes Gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, melting point apparatus, Karl Fischer moisture meter, electronic balance and COD measuring instrument, automatic polarimeter.