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Commitment to safety and environmental protection

For tomorrow, in a changing world, safety, health and environmental protection are the constant focus. Only environmentally responsible and socially responsible companies can achieve sustainable economic development.

safety and health
Safety and health, through the establishment of standard operating procedures to standardize the operation process, in addition to providing employees with high-quality labor protection supplies, and regularly organize safety and health training; regular monitoring to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

High tech and high standards set up environmental protection benchmarking
Waste gas and wastewater are discharged after strict treatment. Especially in wastewater treatment, in addition to meeting local discharge standards to ensure that there is no impact on the environment. Solid waste, including unqualified raw materials / packaging materials, has a reasonable disposal rate of 100%.

The major sewage treatment station invested by Jean is the highlight of the company's annulus system.
The production wastewater is collected in a special wastewater treatment pond to activate and discharge after reaching the standard. Advanced treatment systems and their unique design ensure that sewage discharged into the production area is filtered and purified to maximize environmental protection.


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