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Located in Binjiang Economic Development Zone, Changzhou city, a Sino-foreign joint venture mainly serves the global pharmaceutical market.Founded in 2005,covers an area of more than 80 thousand square meters (122 acres)and owns over 400 staff. Has been formed from R & D, production and sales of the unique characteristics of the product chain, including alkali metal alcohol salt, amino protecting agent, protected amino acids such as anti-cancer, antiviral drug intermediates and the forefront of the world bio pharmaceutical polypeptide compound, a key intermediate, alkali metal alkoxide products has surpassed the industry benchmark BASF (BASF), and gradually grow to be the  "Little Giant in the industry”. 

Company benefits including: social insurance and housing fund, supplementary commercial insurance, free work meals, transportation allowance, holiday gifts, seniority pay, year-end bonus, the promotion channel and training opportunities. 

Sales Director / Manager
Bachelor degree or above, organic chemistry or other related majors; more than 10 years of fine chemicals or API business marketing and management experience, familiar with foreign trade chemicals, organic chemicals, pesticide intermediates chemical) business; character, cheerful, with strong interpersonal and communication skills and good ability to work under pressure, strong team building skills.
Responsible for preparation of sales strategy and the goal of the implementation, process management sales, sales of integrated cost control, customer credit management and accounts receivable project, improve the overall combat capability of the sales team.
Foreign trade business manager
Bachelor degree or above, major in organic chemistry; good communication and translation skills in English; at least 5 years fine chemicals or raw material drug marketing business experience, familiar with foreign trade business processes; cheerful personality, ability to work under pressure.
Responsible for customer maintenance and development, expand sales channels, expand market share. Complete customer service, customer contact, customer file management. Responsible for the quotation and sales contract management, the implementation of sales tasks and receivables management. Completes the overseas customer questionnaire survey and the translation work, the website management, the market research and submit the related material.
Document QA (foreign trade experience is required)
College degree or above, major in chemical engineering or related; English level four or above; 2 years or above related experience in API manufacturing factory, familiar with QA business process, familiar with office software.
Assist the quality manager of the company quality management system; responsible for inspection, SOP records and quality of various kinds of relevant statistical data file management; assist in dealing with customer complaints; the preparatory work before the responsible for customer audit preliminary data collection and audit; assist quality analysis will; participation supplier evaluation management work.
Manager of Installation and Environmental Protection  Department 
College degree or above, chemical engineering and technology, safety engineering related major; 10 years EHS Engineer related work experience and at least 5 years experience in pharmaceutical and chemical industry EHS Manager working experience; registered safety engineer certificate is preferred.
Is responsible for identifying and accessing the company applies to safety, environmental protection, occupation health related laws, regulations and standards and other requirements, regularly updated and the organization of internal propaganda, is responsible for the preparation, revision and supervise the implementation of all kinds of safety, environmental protection rules and regulations, responsible for the coordination of internal and external security affairs, responsible for the safety of facilities management, responsible for production safety and environmental protection management, responsible for safety, environmental accident investigation and environmental safety risks, responsible for security training. 

Production Manager
Bachelor degree or above, chemical, pharmaceutical and other related professional; 10 years working experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry production management experience, more than 5 years working experience in the same position; familiar with manufacturing operations and procedures, good at production control and field management, proficient in manufacture of each link.
Responsible for the preparation, revision and organize the implementation of production management related rules and regulations, responsible for workshop staff training, assessment and daily management, production planning and scheduling management, product quality management, production and processing involved in the equipment management, safety and environmental management, production cost control management, internal management and leadership arrangements of other affairs.
Doctor of Organic Chemistry
Fine chemical engineering, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology or related major, doctor's degree, rich experience in organic chemistry synthesis, rich lab work experience, 3 years and above related working experience.
Participate in the development plan, and organize the implementation. Develop project plan, assist in the preparation and submission of research and development phase and final report. Organize regular technical exchanges and training, promote the development process of the project. Collect and analyze relevant technical and product information, conduct market research and forecast. Collaborative technology department, production department, guidance, follow up new pilot and industrial process. To provide technical advice, guidance and service for the improvement of production process and technology. Assist in the preparation, revision and improvement of the production process and the system of process technology. Technical standards and specifications for the determination of products.
 Project Section leader
Fine chemical engineering, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology or related professional, graduate and above; rich experience in synthetic chemistry, rich in laboratory work experience, 5 years or above related working experience.
Experiment management and R & D projects, technology and product information collection and market research, industrialization and technology improvement, assist in the compilation, revision and perfection of the system of production process and technology, technical standards, technical service information.
QC Supervisor
Drug analysis, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, chemistry and related professional college degree or above, this post for more than three years working experience, familiar with testing operation, the GMP quality management document drafting and management, test counseling, training to subordinates.
Responsible for the formulation of raw materials, product testing procedures, batch inspection records and Laboratory of the regulations for the operation, laboratory personnel management, routine laboratory work management, responsible for the laboratory safety and environmental incidents, security, environmental protection, quality, equipment, cost control, personnel and other abnormal situations, according to the process report in a timely manner, finish the other work assigned by the leader. 

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* Tel.: 0519-85782608/0519-85720829
* Address: 658 Yulong Road N., Binjiang Industrial Park, Xinbei, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China 213127 
* Bus routes: 18 road, 36 road to "weijiatan station" and get off to the north about 500 meters to go straight